Nvidia’s Chips Powering the AI Revolution, Sales to Triple in Current Quarter

Nvidia, the Silicon Valley-based company, is experiencing rapid growth in the demand for its chips used in building artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems. The company predicts that sales for the current quarter will almost triple compared to the same period last year. Nvidia’s products, known as graphics processing units (GPUs), are extensively utilized in creating A.I. […]

AI-powered Antibody Engineering Revolutionizes Disease Treatment

LabGenius, a company led by James Field, is revolutionizing antibody engineering using AI-powered techniques at an old biscuit factory in South London. Instead of traditional equipment, LabGenius employs robotic arms, incubators, and DNA sequencing machines to transform the antibody discovery process. Antibodies, which combat diseases and act as the body’s frontline defense, can now be […]

Embracing AI Integration: A Blessing for Engineering Professionals

Artificial intelligence integration has become a recommended upgrade for engineering professionals. During the Engineering Week lecture organized by the Nigerian Society of Engineering (NSE), Egbin-Ikorodu Branch, Lagos, engineers were advised to embrace AI as a blessing rather than fearing displacement. In his presentation titled ‘Re-Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Engineering Systems’, Prof. James Katende from […]

Film Studios Embrace AI to Replace Human Stunt Performers

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Hollywood has raised concerns among actors about the potential threat to their jobs. However, for stunt performers, this dystopian scenario is already a reality. Film studios have been utilizing computer-generated background figures for years to reduce the number of actors required for battle scenes in productions like “Game […]

AI language model rivals human reasoning, says UCLA study

Analogical reasoning, a cognitive function widely attributed to humans, has been extensively researched. However, a groundbreaking study by UCLA psychologists challenges this notion. The study reveals that GPT-3, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, exhibits reasoning capabilities almost on par with college undergraduates. GPT-3’s performance in solving problems similar to intelligence tests and standardized […]

AI’s Rapid Growth Set to Transform Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is set to witness a rapid growth in the coming years with the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a recent study by The Business Research Company, the market value of AI in this sector is projected to reach $27.99 billion (€25.56 billion) by 2027, exhibiting a compound […]

New Privacy Threat: AI Steals Keystrokes

Researchers at Cornell University have unveiled a new privacy threat posed by artificial intelligence. They have developed a deep learning model that can record and steal users’ data by listening to their keystrokes. The model achieves a remarkably high accuracy rate of 95% when trained on keystrokes recorded by a nearby phone, without the use […]

VarNet: AI-Powered Tool for Accurate Cancer Mutation Detection

The Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), an organization under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), has developed an artificial intelligence-based method known as Variant Network (VarNet) to facilitate the advancement of personalized cancer treatments. By employing deep learning techniques, VarNet can detect cancer mutations within DNA fragments present in tumor samples. Dr Anders […]