Introducing Newsflash™

Newsflash is a suite of automation tools to amplify the productivity of content creators. Long form articles can be generated automatically in minutes by simply entering a topic or an existing source. Articles are generated with SEO in mind, using search engine analytics to integrate real time trending keywords into the generated content.

Users can set the desired demographics and/or “spin” for the tone of the article and headline(s). Many variations of headlines are generated, royalty free thumbnail variations are automatically harvested for each article as well.

A 1-2 minute video is generated for each article with script, relevant visuals (royalty free), and neural net powered human-realistic voiceover. Articles can be reviewed and tweaked easily, with simple actions to flip through various modular content like the headlines or thumbnails, as well as edit features to quickly change any pieces of text as the user sees fit. Many variations of social media posts are automatically generated as well, with click-through in mind.

While Newsflash can be used to automatically generate content via a manual suggestion process, we also offer bots which will automatically do all of the content harvesting and generation for you, simply assign a bot a topic and it will run constantly, producing new real-time content, fully automatically, all you have to do is review and publish. Publishing can be done manually by downloading the generated content, but we also offer one-click publishing services via API integrated (for example, WordPress).

Our Technology

Newsflash Labors While You Observe.

Newsflash is the all-in-one AI suite providing state of the art technology to several industries.

Our mission is to provide cutting edge AI-powered tools to revolutionize content creation, copywriting & automate many tedious processes involved in news & media production.


NewsFlash™ is a state-of-the-art AI- powered SaaS that transforms content creation for news networks and media organizations.

NewsFlash™ streamlines the writing process, provides instant SEO optimization, and automates publishing, potentially saving businesses millions of dollars each year.

Boasting features such as adjustable tone & bias settings, trending article discovery and rewrites, social media connectivity, plagiarism prevention, and automated video creation, NewsFlash is the premier solution for effective, engaging, and budget-friendly news content management.

What Separates Our AI

We develop state-of-the-art AI technologies and custom solutions for news networks and media companies.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we deliver a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline content creation and management, significantly reducing the need for large writing and content staff and saving companies millions of dollars annually.

NewsFlashTM Features

  • Rewriting articles in seconds with customizable tone and bias settings (or no bias – neutral)
  • Real-time keyword SEO optimization with Google Analytics integration
  • Automated outbound link generation to boost organic SEO ranking
  • WordPress API compatibility for automatic posting, a rare and essential feature
  • Trending story scraping and engaging article recreation with GPT technology
  • Automatic tweet analysis and embedding; automatic social media posting; automatic video generation + YouTube Short uploading with SEO
  • Generation of thumbnail, title, headline, and article variants for maximum engagement & AB testing
  • Built-in plagiarism detection to ensure content authenticity

Our Mission

NewsFlash software is custom-tailored for each client, ensuring seamless integration with their existing systems & workflows. With plans to release even more advanced features in V2 and V3, Newsflash is poised to redefine the way news and media companies operate, ushering in a new era of automated efficiency & cost savings.

Summary of Application

NewsFlash is a cutting-edge AI- powered SaaS that revolutionizes content creation for news networks and media companies. 

It streamlines the writing process, offers real-time SEO optimization, and automates posting, saving companies millions of dollars annually.


NewsFlashTM sets itself apart through its exceptional customization, allowing you to tailor content tone, bias & style to fit your network’ s unique voice and branding. Our integrated Google Analytics & automatic outbound links ensure your content consistently ranks higher in search results. 

Automation offered by NewsFlashTM streamlines every aspect of content management, from article rewriting to automatic posting using the WordPress API. Most importantly, NewsFlashTM offers unparalleled cost savings by reducing the need for large writing and content staff, maximizing your return on investment.

Workforce Effects

NewsFlashTM affords companies the flexibility to leverage its functionalities in a way that aligns with their unique operational preferences. 

Our cutting-edge solution can be implemented to yield significant reductions in overhead costs & employee headcount OR can be used to enhance productivity and expand the reach of the organization through seamless integration with existing workforce structures.


We are ready to collaborate and establish partnerships offering both direct deals & licensing opportunities for our state-of-the-art NewsFlashTM AI technology to media & news network companies.

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