OpenAI’s ChatGPT Gets Voice Conversation and Image Interaction Updates

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OpenAI is introducing a significant update to its ChatGPT, which will allow the viral chatbot to engage in voice conversations with users and interact via images. This development brings ChatGPT closer to widely used AI assistants like Apple’s Siri. According to OpenAI, the addition of a voice feature brings about numerous creative and accessibility-focused applications.

AI services such as Siri, Google voice assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa are typically integrated into the devices they operate on. These popular assistants are frequently utilized to set alarms, reminders, and fetch information from the internet.

Since its launch last year, ChatGPT has found application across various tasks, including document summarization and coding. This has sparked a race among major tech companies to introduce their own generative AI-powered offerings.

Google is preparing to release its own competitor to ChatGPT called Gemini. Reportedly, the company is already testing Gemini with a select group of companies. On the other hand, Amazon recently announced a $4bn investment in the AI startup Anthropic.

This investment aims to support Amazon’s generative AI initiatives. Meanwhile, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has unveiled a new voice feature that can be used for tasks like narrating bedtime stories, settling dinner table debates, and reading out loud user input.

OpenAI’s voice technology is also employed by Spotify to translate podcast content into different languages. Additionally, ChatGPT now offers image support, allowing users to capture images of objects and seek troubleshooting assistance (e.g., figuring out why a grill won’t start), conduct a fridge inventory for meal planning, or analyze complex graphs for work-related data.

Alphabet’s Google Lens currently stands out as the prevalent option for gaining information from images.

The enhanced features of ChatGPT, including voice conversations and image interactions, will be rolled out to subscribers of its Plus and Enterprise plans within the next two weeks.

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