Unleashing the Art and Science of Building AI Systems

building ai systems

Building artificial intelligence (AI) systems is a fine blend of science and art. Like art, it’s not always about just building a model and expecting outstanding results. It weaves a bit of a complexity into its fabric that goes beyond the mathematical equations we often define AI systems with: a phenomenon known as ‘Bias-Variance Tradeoff’. […]

American Technologists Leading the Charge in Emotional Robotics

emotional robotics ai

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Affective Robotics, where cutting-edge technology intertwines with human emotions like never before. Rest assured, this isn’t a Hollywood Sci-Fi flick. What if I told you that robots could now understand, interpret, process, and simulate human affection? Fascinating, isn’t it? The marvel of technology has breathed life into inanimate objects, […]